Our Story


It was 1972 when José Quirós decided to dedicate himself with a little more entrepreneurial vision to the sale of honey produced by his hives, which until then had been for family consumption. There begins the journey of the Quirós López family with the honey of Sierra Bermeja.

A fan of agriculture, like almost all the neighbors of Estepona, his hometown, he decided to invest in locating more hives in various places of Sierra Bermeja chosen for their exceptional location next to a flora that would later turn his honey into an authentic ‘Sweet Gold’ of Sierra Bermeja, what today is MIelSierraBermeja.

In the beginning, the hives were made of cork, usually chaparro or cork oak bark. Nowadays, the hives are made of wood with removable frames, which facilitates the beekeeper’s work.

This is how the small factory of MIelSierraBermeja began, selling at home or through food fairs and exhibitions or even in itinerant markets.

In 2007 a new generation took over MielSierraBermeja, modernizing the company and its distribution and adapting it to the new food regulations. Since then and until now, the company has been experiencing a gradual and steady growth, with distribution in the Costa del Sol and Campo de Gibraltar, always encouraging the purchase of proximity in local commerce. For this reason they do not offer direct online sales, but they do have the capacity to bring MielSierraBermeja products to the nearest neighborhood store for customers.

More recently, the company has started to market MielSierraBermeja in some foreign countries, especially in the Arab countries of the Mediterranean, which have a great tradition in the consumption of honey and its derivatives.

We continue building our history

In a sustainable way and with the utmost respect for the nature that surrounds us.

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